Finding a Good Real Estate Agent


Finding a knowledgeable realtor can make all the difference when planning to sell a house. Your realtor, now known as property practitioners, is arguably one of the most important people on your team. 

You can choose to go with the for sale by owner (FSBO) route, but there are a million and one things to think about. This is why you want to hire a realtor – they can guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible. But, hiring a poor realtor means they could drop the ball and be costly to you. 

How to choose an Estate Agent?

Trusted Sources

There are a number of ways to find a long list of local realtors, but finding one you can trust is tricky. After all, we’ve all read online reviews only to discover the individual doesn’t match up.

Make sure to put your feelers out on social media for friends and family who have recently dealt with a real estate agent. But sometimes this isn’t possible.

If you applying for financial help, you can also ask your mortgage lender for advice on who has closed the most deals with them.  

If this is the situation you’re in you will need to find the reference somewhere else. This means you’ll have to look for a real estate agent who is registered with the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA), which means they’ve agreed to abide by the organisations code of ethics. You can also log onto the website where you will find a list of all registered Estate Agents as well as registered Estate Agencies. Also, you can verify an estate agent’s legality requesting a copy of the fidelity fund certificate from the agent.

You will always want to make sure that your agent is a specialist in the field you need them to be. You should short-list your candidates and do your research.

Do the Research 

Do a simple Google search and take time to review all the feedback. While it is near to impossible to get a perfect rating, a majority of poor notes online can be a real red flag. 

Be sure to also do some social media searching, as users often don’t leave their thoughts and experience on Google.  

After shortlisting, it’s time to conduct interviews.


You’ll need to interview 3-5 agents before making your decision. This process is to see if you’re a good personality match. In addition, find out if they’re experienced in your neighbourhood and understand your preferences.

Here are some questions to ask a real estate agent when they step into your home:

  • How long have you been in the game?
  • The amount of homes you’ve sold? 
  • Do they specialise in a certain field?
  • Are they a full-time or part-time agent?
  • How many clients are on their books?
  • What’s their usual time frame for selling a home?

This list can expand depending on the tasks at hand. Now that you’ve answered, “How to choose a real estate agent for selling a home?” and select your agent. It’s time to review your working relationship.

What are the qualities of a good realtor?

Good communicator 

Communication is a major factor in making sure everything goes smoothly. It’s also the number one issue that sellers and buyers will complain about. 

A realtor who is responsive can be a huge relief and can save you a massive amount going forward. Also, you need to act on certain situations so having an open communicator is a massive asset. 

It’s usually best to give some time. But if the turn around for a response is 24-48 hours, then you might consider another agent.


A real estate agent should always be on time for meetings with clients. It’s a part of their job that just about every agent takes seriously. In fact, your agent should go the extra mile and arrive early for all appointments.

Good peoples’ skills 

Being able to manage people and their relationships is also a major part of a real estate agent’s job. Negotiations can be tricky, so need to be able to filter the messages between parties to ensure that the talks progress. This means a real estate agent should never pass on unedited messages between parties.

Not interested in your plans and goals 

Your realtor works for you. If they don’t understand what you want, then they won’t be able to help you. Be sure to communicate with your realtor and set clear expectations right from the start of your search so that they can provide you with the service that you deserve.

They need to talk 

A quiet agent fills the silence in the room with doubt. And a realtor who is able to talk the talk will also create more opportunities. 

Now that you’re certain that your realtor is exactly who you need them to be, we need to discuss a commission

Realtor commission 

Your realtor is one of the most expensive parts of selling a home. And the majority of the time they earn every penny. 

The average commission of a real estate agent fluctuates between 5 – 6%.  This rate can also vary when it comes to a more focussed take on towns and cities.

Selling your home without a realtor can be a challenge. It takes a lot of time, specialized insights, and is more expensive than the average person may think.

If your agent is trying to upsell you on their services, above the usual 5 – 6%, then you’ll be looking to possibly selling your home to an investor