How Do I Sell My South African Land To A Developer?

Mo Chopdat

Owning land is pretty easy – rarely does it take a lot of effort. But when you want to sell, that can be a different story. Do you own land and are wondering, “how do I sell my SA land to a developer?” Because this is a question we get sometimes, here are a few pointers to help you get started…

1. It’s important to know what developers are looking for

This developer wants to build and sell property, so they want property close to infrastructure like water, sewage, power, and roads. After all, they’ll need to connect these services to their development, and they’ll want people to get to their development!

It’s okay if the land isn’t serviced, but developers will probably want to know how far away the services are and whether those services are being actively worked on by the municipality.

2. You may want to bypass the real estate agent

A lot of real estate agents work with homeowners who are looking to buy a house to live in. If you’re wondering how to sell your land to a developer, you may need to find someone who specializes in selling land to commercial businesses.

3. Be aware of zoning

Developers will want to know how your property is zoned, so they can anticipate the work required to build. Of course, zoning can often be changed, but zoning changes will just add to their timeline and work flow, so it’s helpful for developers to know up-front how the land is zoned.

4. Be aware of the path of new construction

This one is harder for land owners to know but if you’re wondering, “How do I sell my South African land to a developer?” this will be an important consideration that the developer is thinking about: If your land is not inside a city then a developer will probably want to know if the city is growing in the direction of your land.

You don’t have to know this answer yourself, but if you do, it will be helpful to developers. Selling raw land can be challenging because it’s a very different kind of buyer. But if you’re wondering, how to sell my land to a developer, then these 4 tips will help you.

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